Openness Development Association (ODA)

Openness Development Association (ODA) is a Community Oriented, Inclusive, Neutral and Independent Non-Governmental Organization. We support vulnerable Youth and Children to become agent of change in their community. ODA has been running Youth and Children-led programs focused on Sustainable Development in Education, Protection, Livelihood and Social stability since 2016.

ODA has a strong field presence in North Lebanon with offices and centers in Halba, Cheikh Taba, Tal Hayat, Borj Al Arab, Menieh and Mina Region.

ODA works closely with its partners to implement relief and development for refugees and vulnerable communities in the fields of Basic Needs, Education, Child Protection and Livelihoods.

We provide in particular, high-quality non-formal education and psychological support in safe environments to vulnerable out-of-school children, including the most vulnerable Syrian refugee children.

Organizational Background

The Openness Development Association (ODA) have been working closely with its partners to implement Relief and Development for Refugees and vulnerable communities in the fields of Basic Needs, Education and Child Protection, Social Stability and Livelihoods. ODA provides in particular, high-quality non-formal Education and Psychosocial support in safe environments to vulnerable out-of-school children, including the most vulnerable Syrian Refugee Children. The Openness Development Association establishes and maintains strong roots of community acceptance and ownership, trust-based relationships and partnerships with local authorities, community representatives, public and private institutions, UN Organizations, INGOs and local NGOs.

ODA conducted many projects that focused on ensuring access to a holistic and multi-sectorial Education & Child Protection response service package for children at risk and survivors of violence, abuse and exploitation with providing linkage between non-formal education, vocational education and social welfare sectors for children who were formerly in conflict with the law or detained, in the aim of strengthening confidence, non-formal education & psychological well-being, reducing conflict and enhancing resilience to education and protection risks. ODA recognizes that child protection is a vital component of educational programs, and ensures that children, especially those who have witnessed traumatic events, are provided with the attention and care they need. ODA has an experienced outreach team who has strong connections, has previously performed door-to-door outreach with families and can manage the outreach process for any project directly on the field in addition to policies and systems in place that ensure any project is managed adequately and finished on time.

ODA has also been working with the objective of helping people build their capacities in vocational training for adults, especially poor hosting and refugee communities in the North, so they can become self-sustainable and enhance their livelihoods, their technical and personal growth and enable their linkage to the market. This is done mainly through building the skills and capacities of these youth and providing them with the necessary support to apply the set of learned skills in income generating activities, Providing work-based learning solutions, i.e. internships, which will increase their ability to access economic resources and opportunities including jobs and other productive assets, skills development, market information…; therefore this intervention capacitates the youth and women to either find employment or prepare to start their own business or scale up their existing business. ODA has qualified, experienced trainers to implement the trainings in line with the detailed training curriculums we developed with technical advisors, specifying the hours of theoretical and practical training and the approach to its implementation. ODA organizes trainings on a daily basis, performs pre-tests at the beginning of the training for the evaluation of the participants’ skills and knowledge and post-tests at the end i.e. all beneficiaries will undergo exams to verify their new capacities; in addition to providing the participants with material (training supports, booklets, stationeries…), and equipment that are needed during the training and basic tools and equipment they can use to start working upon completion of the program; that will sustain their knowledge after the training (Sewing Kit, Electrical Kit…). ODA ensures follow-up of the participants’ attendance and progress in the training program.

All participants will acquire a Service Completion Certificate right at the end of the course.

An important pillar is in providing all beneficiaries with an Official Accredited Certification from renowned/legal authorities so they will have skills and proof of their skills.